Optical Instrumentation

We differentiate our Optical Instrumentation as that where an image is not formed, for example, Spectroscopy or Colourmetric Measurements. We have produced many optical instruments ranging from those found in the life sciences through to environmental monitoring. Optical techniques are suited to a wide range of instrumentation form factors such as, bench top instrumentation, deployable sensors through to Smartphone implementations and accessories.


We have created instrumentation based on UV, VIS and NIR spectroscopy, using a combination of custom optics and OEM spectrometer modules.
We have also worked on an applications using Raman spectroscopy and Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy, more information of this can be found here
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Absorbance & Colourmetric

There are a huge number of light measurement techniques but absorbance is important in many of the applications we have worked around assays. Typical absorbnce measurements are optical density using Beer-Lambert law to quantify the concentration of the species.
The measurement of the colour or wavelength and intensity of light is valuable. We can create custom instrumentation to make these measurements as a standalone sensor , benchtop or smartphone based instrument.
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Fluorescence & Chemiluminescence

Fluorescence is a technique used in many application areas. The source can be a bulk liquid response such as from a sample or more precise individual measurements such as from particles or stains.
Chemiluminescence is a technique that we have developed measurement instrumentation for, and by careful protocol design usually using luminol a low-cost and highly deployable sensor can be designed, detected and quantified using smartphones or simple photodiode based sensors.
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Laser Velocimetry

Laser velocimetry has been used to measure the flow of both fluids and gases, by observing light scattering from the particles within the substances.
This technique has been only used in a sensor format.
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